Tori Evans is a photographer based out of South Carolina. Photography and a passion for sports have always been a part of her life and she has turned that passion into a career that has allowed her to capture some of the best athletes from across the states.


Her experience in shooting action sports has grown into an ability to keep things quick, light and fun while always turning out great images no matter the conditions. Tori's images are meant to tell a story and evoke an emotion.  Documenting moments that are honest, raw, and familiar making each viewer feel a connection to them. Her love for telling stories have crossed over into photojournalism, music, and travel.

Not until 2014 did Tori decide to try her hand at professional photography which opened the door to many successful opportunities. Her career path has been pretty diverse, but unexpectedly connected. Her images have graced the covers of many military organizational magazines and have been seen on several billboards and marketing campaigns. Tori is taking that candid documentary style to a broader audience, and bringing the fun approach with her.